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Take time to nurture and heal with our vitmain rich face oil. Ground and balance.


Organic Damask Rose to nurture the skin, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Wheatgerm Oil, Rosehip and Pure Vitamin E Oils, rich in glycosides, and minerals to stimulate and regenerate.



Organic Rose Essential Oil (Otto) 5% blended in Organic Deodorised Sunflower oil. Botanical Name - Rosa damascena / Helianthus annus. Aroma - Sensual, rosy, honey floral scent. Rose is distllilled rrom the petals which are hand picked at dawn, when the fragrance is at its best. There are around 600 rose flowers used to make the 0.5ml of pure organic rose otto essential oil in this product. 



Clia...with Love Organic Rose Face Oil

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