About Us

In the 21st century, we seek out things and experiences that connect us to who we are and who we want to be.

At Clia…with Love we provide natural therapies and programs for women who want to become more beautiful, healthy and whole, naturally.

We launched Clia…with Love in 2011 with our first range of holistic aromatherapy blends. These were sold online and instore in South London. We now make our blends from Kinsale, on the southern coast of Ireland. 

Our mission at Clia…with Love is to help you become more of who you are; less stressed, more beautiful, more connected, more aware, healthier and more vibrant.

We view the body as a dynamic, complex energy system constantly receiving and emitting information from and to the world around us. We believe in a holistic and multi-sensory approach to healing and transformation which includes aroma, sound, colour, light, art, mind and body energy work.


Quality and high professional standards are important to us. We are full members of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and Complementary Therapists Association (CThA), and are registered with  the CNHC (The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), the independent UK regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners. 



Client Testimonials

"I just want to talk about your amazing "eczema-sooth oil blend". I think it has healed my skin a bit. It seems to me that it has quickened the healing process of the wounds from the scratches and blisters. I was worried that the blisters might leave scars but this is not the case. Possibly due to the oil. And also, the scent is amazing, very helpful for morning meditation. I use the oil straight away as I wake up and after do my morning meditation and the scent of the oil is wonderfully grounding. And the main feature: it is absolutely fantastic for soothing the itching, which is almost the worst part of the whole scenario. It really alleviates straight away the horrible itching which can easily ruin one's sleep."

(Nina, London)

"I just want to say that I use your yoga oil in my yoga class and I have become dependent on the scent of the 'Asana' blend. I'd love to smell your other products too, I have a strong need for calming smells in my life" (Denise, London)

"I just received your Rose and Sandalwood face oil in the post" and I love it!  Going to bed at night, I look forward to the wonderful fragrance  - thank you!"

(Sara, London)

"I am addicted to your "lemon and lemongrass body oil". It's so uplifting and I apply it straight out of the shower in the morning, to start my day. I know it's cheating but I also add some drops to my body moisturiser to make it richer and so that I can get the fragrance whatever I'm using!" (Kate, Ireland)

" I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying using your oils in class. I used your Pranayama oil a few weeks ago with a client that has a COPD (a breathing problem), I just held my hands sprayed with the oils over his face as he relaxed at the end of class. A few weeks ago I used it for a student that was experiencing a headache, which worked quite well,  I really enjoy using the oils within the class, they definetely deepen the experience for the student, I use the Asana Oil and the Meditation one the most, The Pranayama not so much, but it's still a great tool in the kit.". (Hayley Yoga, London)

" I have been to many different coaches and this experience has been the best! Thank you!" (Orla, Ireland)


"An accessible and logical path was paved for me, through a mind-minefield and this helped me create a framework to start training my brain into more positive habits - psychobabble free zone! I can honestly say this has changed my life!"

(Bryony, London)



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