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Base oils are the fatty oils in which the non-fatty essential oils get diluted in.  Once your oil blend is applied to the skin, the base oils will moisturise and treat the skin with their vitamins and faty acids, whilst allowing for the essential oils to penetrate deep into the skin and onto your blood system. 

Apricot: Good for all skin. Highly nourishing. Specially good on prematurely aged skin. Blends well with all other oils and is a good base to dilute essential oils.

Avocado: This oil has a high amount Lecithin which is rich in phospholipids that plays an important part in all body membranes. Monounsaturated fatty acids, needed for the body to function. High content of vitamin A, B, D.  Good for dry or wrinkled skin.

Black Seed: A amazingly rich oil in nutrients. It has a unique cell structure containing an incredible amount of vitamins and essential fatty acids. It works wonders on healing the skin and restoring the skin's natural health.  A very rich oil that need to be diluted with other lighter oils.

Castor: Composed of ricin oleic acid and three percent is composed of oleic acid, these acids have a powerful healing effect.  Wonderful on soothing skin and on scarred skin. This oil is thick and can be rather sticky so its best when blended with a lighter oil.

Evening Primrose: Rich in linoleic acid and GLA (gammo-linoleic acid), High content of Vitamin E,A.  This oil is perfect on mature skin and those with hormonal imbalances that affect the skin.

Grapeseed: A light oil from grape seeds. It has good antioxidants and vitamins that benefit all skin types. Grapeseed oil is also used to help reduce cellulitis in daily massages.

Jojoba: This is a liquid wax and looks and feels like an oil. Very good for nourishing the skin as it absorbed by the skin faster than other oils. It has a wonderful healing effect on inflamed skin, acne, eczema and psoriasis. It has an antioxidant property that will help extend the life of the other oils.

Pumpkin Seed: Rich in omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, a natural source of zinc and carotenoids.  This oil is excellent to even out the skin, add moisture and revive dull and tired skin. A dark and think oil that need to be blended with lighter oils.

Rosehip: From the seeds of the rosehip this vitamin and antioxidant rich oil has been used extensively in reducing scar tissue, wrinkles, broken veins and hyperpigmentation. Rosehip oil is believed to reduce the effects of prematurely aged skin.  

St Johns Wort: Oil from the St Johns Wort flowers. A good anti-inflammatory used in the healing of wounds, varicose veins and bruises.

Sunflower Seed: The first cold pressing of the sunflower seeds, this oil has a high content of Vitamin E that revitalises the skin and aids tissue repair. Blends well with all other oils.

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